Aug 2, 2011

Luv have just left with the bus, his is going home and I am staying behind till Friday. I am going to miss him soooo much!!!!! but this is going to happen more often now till out babies come.

Did not tell you all the details about yesterday. Everything is fine with sus and the babies. The babies have turn and are now lying with their heads down under and their feet up high. The doctor have put on the 4D and we could see the one baby and it was AMAZING ! I don't have the pic, wrong button was press and pic= disappear!! O NO!!!!! All is fine and in place and  for the first time in our life we are in .......3 trimester!!! Unbelievable!!!

When the doctor was busy doing the scan ,S-sus was lying on her back and I suppose my kids was hitting a vine and she was feeling very dizzy and fainting. The twins are stealing all her space now!!

Suro-sus doctor who is going to deliver the babies is very nice and a bit of a interesting chap!! He will be the man monitoring us from now on very closely. Sus is feeling more and more uncomfortable day by day and are burning houses down( heartburn!!!)

I have also visit the hospital, yes I know its early but I just have had a few questions!!

We are wondering more and more about whats going to pop-out-soonly!!!

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