Aug 4, 2011

Baba Indaba

I am still with my sus, and every day we pass is a day more to tick-off. One more day nearer to meet our babies!! Everyday that pass, my excitement is reving up more.

People that meet me want to know...and are you excited???? What??? are you crazy!! YES!!! I am over excited, and I know I am not maybe jumping over the moon or wearing the T-shirt. YOU LOOKING AT THE MOM THAT WANTS TO BE A MOM MOST IN THE WORLD!!

Whats going on in my in-side that nobody can see and only Luv's know the feeling of is: Is so sensitive-emotional-excitement!! We are sooooo near I can not breathe , but still its not the time to meet them. The longer they stay in the sooner we can take them home. And home is where I want to be with my precious babies.

A few minutes ago I have feel the one kick, its the most amazing feeling ever, and as I write this I want to cry!!! Its my baby I felt!! I am sooo blessed !! I love them so much already and I did not even met them!.

Tomorrow we are going to a Baby Indaba. I dont know what to expect???? but it will be nice to do the pregnant-baby-things!!! I will be the only one there expecting twins soon with out the bump!!! Cozzz maybe I must get myself  T-shirt... Yes. you are looking at an expecting MOM.

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