Aug 30, 2011

28 weeks!!

We are 28 weeks and 1 day ( can you believe we have made it to here). After a month we have just had our scan. Don’t know how I have kept it up for a month. But I was thinking,  if I can wait a month, the time will fly.
Today I was so excited so see them again…and what a BIG surprise!!!

Twin A was measuring at 1,6 kg ( pick up 1kg in this month) I was scared that the one twin have swallow the other one. But the other one was measuring at 1,4kg. They are sooooo big and we are over the moon!!!!

… and I saw the scale when the doc was weighing Sus,  and drum roll …..She have pick up  3, 5kg!!. She is one of those lucky one’s that loose her own body weight and just the babies pick up. They are measuring ahead!!

The one is a leisure one , lying stretching out, taking up all the space and the poor other one is curling up in a very strange  Yoga position.

The doc put the 4D on and that cute little face is adorable!!!

Doc say everything is fine and the hospital is excited for our labour. Sus bags are pack and I am pack for months now. My whole life is in my car.

Look like the resting of Suro-sus is doing the twins good!!! For the 17 week scare she is a bence- potato!

Just for the record: I am in total EXCITED MOOD!!!!


  1. Wonderful that it's going so well!!

  2. Dag liewe Cstelle en Suro-Sus,
    Opwindend en interessant boodskap. Ek verheug my met julle, voel vlinders in die maag, wees geseënd.
    Baie kisses. Heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,