Jul 29, 2011

We are off to visit our kids-to-be

Monday its scanning time!! Jippee then we can see our little miracles again. This is defiantly the high-light of the pregnancy. Just so see them. They are so cute for me now can you think if I saw them for the first time…

We are wondering more and more about…How will they look???? What will it be??? Blues??? Pinks????? Or Mixs?????? When will they come???? How will it feel to hold them for the first time?? Are we organize for them( I suppose NO!!) we are like “hens-with-out-heads” we don’t know what we suppose to do???

And the lists….. nothing is tick-off. But on Monday I think we will start to get our ass in to gear and start buying things.

Roll on Monday!!!

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