Aug 14, 2011

Do you still get that, miss??

Sorry for the triple pic-post Friday, that’s what happens if everything must happen immediately and you press the button continuously because it’s too slow for you.  But that’s my personality!!! You can just think what IF have done to me,   after all the years, that learned me to WAIIIIIITTTTTTT AND WAAIIIITTTTTTTTTT!!!

I like gadgets that make the world and easier place to life in. but sometimes I have lost it BIG TIME like now.

Me and Luv don’t watch TV much, so we are not heavy on TV stuff ( I like Movies!!) so believe it or not ,we still have a Video-Recorder with that very old video-tapes.  One of my friends and I, have still this ancients-treasures. But after a power failure mine…..just did not come alive!! ( BIG PROBLEM!!) because we still record some programme for each other…so

I went to the shop and ask if they still have a video-recorders. NO!!! Okay do you have a  DVD-recorders? That must be the next step….NO!!! And the guy ask me. “Where have you been Miss???” I was feeling like a dinosaur!! Ancient and OLD!!!

SO now I have no recording equipment and must come to terms that I have been left behind!!!

1 comment:

  1. Liewe ongeduldige vriendin Cstelle,
    Ons het ook nog so 'n toestel om video's te sien met' n televisiescherm. Die herstelling was duurder as die oorspronklike prys van die toestel! Nou is alles net DVD ... Televisie self het ons al jare nie meer in die huis en ons lewe heel tevrede en gelukkig sonder.
    Baie kisses. Heel veel liefs uit Vlaanderen(Een deurweek Somer is hier),