Aug 17, 2011


Today Suro-sus EX-Neighbour-friend invite us to come and have tea with her. I have met her  and I like her allot!! She is just one of that amazing people. You just like her the minute you met her!!.

She and her friends are having a "stitch and bitch-club" where they meet and then they  all do some kind of a hobby , but most its about the nice chats and cake and coffee.

So today she invite us and when we arrive.....SHE WAS GIVING ME A SURPRISE STORK TEA!!!

There I was with a room full of strangers. I only knew  my sister's friend. 14 ladies that was giving me gifts for the babies!! Its people like this that make you think how super friends are. These people knew my story and are follow it all the way, and they don't even knew me!!!I was sitting there with tears in my eyes, some off them also  was having tears, because they care for me ( the stranger)

I got so nice things!!! cannot wait to show them to Luv. Will put pic's on next week when I am home again.

...and I also got my PRAM!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh that is lovely !!
    When a friend of mine who was expecting her baby, "surrogated" by her SIL (living in Brasil!), my friend and I (both IF vets) were meeting every single Friday after work to knit for her baby. It was very special !!
    Glad that you are "honnored" for what you went through and may the best "reward", your babies, nest in your arms in good health and due time !! You will be/are a fabulous mum !!

  2. Thanx alot!! Hope the best for you 2, your are sooo special!!xx

  3. That is amazing!!! YOu must have felt so loved!!!

    Happy ICLW