Aug 9, 2011

Gorgeous is turning 2!!

Today  Suro-sus, little one is turning 2!!! And as you can see it's a BEE-PARTY!! and she bake the cake. Not only a good-suro... she is good birthday-cake-maker two!!

The 2 busy bee's at the party!!! Cute outfits!!!

I still remember the first time we saw the doctor to start the Suro-route, the little one was 3 months old!! and now she is 2!.

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  1. Liewe vriendin Cstelle en Suro-sus,
    Nadja sê: Baie dankbaar. Ons het geleer al 'n leeus koek van Suro-sus ken! Lekker smullen!
    Dit is oulike bye, kyk in my blog.
    Baie kisses, liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,