Aug 15, 2011

26 weeks

This week I am with Suro-sus again for the week. We are 26 weeks!! Sus is getting bigger...and I think I am getting calmer day by day... May be because deep down in me I know we are going to be all right!!

and  we are getting excited to know whats inside... thats going to be a BIG surprise!!!! I can not wait for the moment the doctor will lift up the babies and we will know.... what its going to be!!

Every single day is a day nearer to the end, jippee!!!

There is still allot that needs to be done.. but who cares.


  1. Yes you are right, the most important are the babies and they are almost "done" !! All the rest is of secondary importance.
    I am so glad all is going so well for you and your family !!