Aug 7, 2011

24 week-sus

From the front she dont look pregnant... she look much better than me!!!

The bump is getting bigger by the day!!

So we went to the Baby-Indaba and it was really not worth it at all. Nothing new or interesting. Same old stuff and if you have visited the baby-shops, you have seen it all.  Only thing that was funny was the people that want to show suro-sus the pregnant stuff, and she said that  she was  not interested at all!! And when I ask something they want to know why??? Are you planning to get pregnant soon??? And I wanted to say , yes  am pregnant don’t I look fantastic????

I only bought 2 baby grows, will put pic’s later on

It’s so nice to be back at home again this week!! It’s not that bad to be with my sus but it’s just nice to be around my own stuff for awhile and Luv…I miss him so much!!


  1. Your sus looks so good and that bump is too precious!!!! Wow those little babies are growing up a storm in there :-) So excited for you xxx

  2. Thanx!!!kitty!

    Yes she look sooo good!! only put on 2 and half kilo's

  3. Dag liewe vriendin Cstelle en Suro-sus,
    In blye verwagting. Kyk in my blog!
    Heel geesdriftig vir julle,
    Baie kisses. Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,