Aug 26, 2011


I am at Suro-sus at the moment. Its nice , but we can see her kids know something are going to happen. So they want to know every single second of the day….”Where is Mommy???”

They can not wait for the babies, to hold them in their arms. The 2 years old one think there is 8 babies in her tummy so soon, Sus will hand me mine and then they will have the 8 with them ( Sus will crack if any babies stay behind.)

So what’up in SURO-WORLD…..

HOW FAR NOW?      27 weeks and 4 days. Still can not     believe we are here.

SYMPTONS?              Heartburn the moment she eat a thing and soooo tired!!!

STRECH MARKS?    Yes, defiantly! But there was already for her previous pregnancies. Strechmark creams are  not doing their thing.

WEIGHT GAIN ?       More or less 3 and a half, will see Tuesday at the scan.

SLEEP?     Struggle to get a nice angle. Uncomfortable a lot. Don’t sleep like she would have loved to do. Want to sleep the whole day!!

MOVEMENT?  Feel it a lot. Baby A is more calm than the fellow-womb-partner. Baby B never go to sleep, this is the kicker!!!!

FOODCRAVINGS?    None, just go on as normal!

MILESTONES?          Just to get to this point!!

EMOTIONS?     Irritated with her kids that just want to play the whole day and never stop.

GENERAL?       Cannot think her bump must still get bigger and bigger. Would love her normal life back ( me too!!)

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