Aug 25, 2011


The one thing that is on everybody’s lips is…….DO YOU HAVE NAMES????? And my answer is:

NO!!!! We don’t have names!!

Everything is still such a wonderful miracle and I think we still just can not believe what's about to happen soon. And because we don’t know what’s going to pop… we don’t have names and we need 2 of each names.( one is already a problem..) Actually we just want the babies, names are a side-order.

Names are so easy till the second you need one for your babies…then the big fun start.

If you go the family-name way, you know more or less what route to go, but we have decided long, long, long, time ago. NO family names at ALL!! Because we have seen so many times that the one with grandpa’s or mon’s name is the favourite. If there is one thing me and Luv hate , then its unfairness. My MIL ( mother in law) is already going like a parrot about the boy…boy…boy…( what if there is not a boy??? What if there is a boy, the other one, boy or girl, will just be there… She is defiantly going to get a surprise, because for her its all about the family-name.

So where do you then start. When I am thinking of a name…Luv just hate it. And when Luv comes up with a name, Its funny for me, or I just hate it.

We don’t know what we like , and to be honest we don’t like any we’ve got a problem a BIG one!!

Then we’ve got a long surnames and long names so when you need to do paper work you start writing down for years getting your ancestors, that are under the ground names, that you’ve have got, along the way down. SO NO!!!!

 We want easy name’s, short names, names that you can pronounce in English and it don’t sound, as if you have some or other incurable disease or coming for a space-island.

I think we will, the moment the babies will be born , will look and see some or other medicine name and names them after it. What about “Band” and “Aid” or “Det” and Tol”????

Actually the only names that will suit them best will be..

Hope and Patience… because that is what we have done all these years….


  1. Liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Laat die mense maar vra en praat. Selfs wanneer jy name gekies sal hê, gee hulle maar bekend na die geboorte. Dank God en inderdaad: Hoop en geduld sy in die huidige fase die regte, gepaste name.
    Baie kisses. Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen


  2. We are in exacty the same position! We also have no idea, cannot agree on any names and we also don't want any family names, and frankly I'm getting sick and tired of the questions!

    What annoys me the most is the people who are suggesting names to us. We have waited so long for our baby, I want us to have the priviledge of choosing our own baby's name, and as soon as someone suggests one, then it's not our idea anymore and then automatically that one is off the table in my eyes. I don't want anyone else saying later, "O, that name was my idea!"

  3. heehee....of neem net babas aan en GLO hule gaan die mooiste name ooit he..heehee....maar ja, verstaan dit soo goed. Ai toggies...2 naampies...2 lyfies... 4 voetjies...4 handjies... 4 oortjies om te soen.... die name gaan net pas.. julle weet dit, Lin xx