Jul 12, 2011

AT HOME AGAIN and it's so nice!

Eventually I am back at home!! And man, this is so nice!!! And since I have left home last week so many things happen.

Firstly I went to my parents and look after the kids.  We played our lungs out. Today when we quickly stop on the farm for a pit stop on our way home, my brother’s son jump out when we stop screaming at me to come… because must go built a house!!!! Look like I am his new playmate!

Sus kids was so pleased to see their mom and dad!! And then the scan…

Wow it was great!!! I cannot stop looking at them…and when the girl put the scan on 4D and we saw the one sleeping, I just could not keep the tears for running down my cheeks,  anymore. It’s unbelievable!!! Super amazing, I am soooo bless!!!  Its still a fairytale… Me and luv was looking at the DVD Sunday again just before we go to bed.

And Friday after the scan… guess what LUV feel the babies kick!!!! I was so pissed!! I know how the father must feel now, because the pregnant wife feels everything first.

Saturday me and Luv went to a day spa…absolute heaven!!! Because we are not going away for holiday this year and just to have US-TIME,  and because spa treats will not be on the list for the next 2 years we went for this nice treat!! We will miss this, but the twins will be must nicer to have!!

Shopping ???? I think we more or less know what we want now. Maybe it’s a good idea to start to buy the stuff.

Suro-sus bump are getting bigger by the day. And I am jealous ( I wish it was my bump)

And the best…just before we pack and go  I feel them kick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart was jumping out of my chest. It was the best feeling ever. I wish I can sit with my hands on her bump the whole day( but  I think she will flip!)
Sitting in ou newly built house..
Sus lying down for the scan, me crying in the corner...
Sus-kids are feelings the babies!

At the spa, Table Mountain at the back


  1. Liewe Cstelle en Suro Sus, en ook die heer vader,

    Wonderbaar, trane van geluk, van vreugde. God sy dank!
    Baie kisses. Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,


    Prachtig zicht op die Tafelberg, dankie!

  2. Liewe Cstelle, kyk nou ook in my Blog!


    Heel veel liefs, heel sag,