Jul 3, 2011

20 weeks!

We are 20 weeks!! And its only5 more sleeps till we can see our miracle twins again ….and we cannot wait!!! We are seeing soooo forward to it!!

I am going to look after suro-sus kids this week at my parent’s farm. Sus are at home and a bit sick ( flu) I think it would be nice for her to rest and relax!  I feel so sorry for her kids, because their mommy cannot  give them all the attention they need right now. And they don’t really understand everything. But  its only for a few more  months and them everything will be back on track. One thing is, me and Luv just adore and love my sus kids so much!!! They feel like our  own kids. Some days , I think…how much will I love my own babies if I love my sus kids soooo much. My love for her kids are just unbelievable much!!

This is such an amazing journey we are on, I still don’t believe it!! But there are so many people involved and they doing so much for us. And their lives are also turned up-side-down…I haven’t got a clue how I will thank then ever!!! I know they are doing this because they love us, but still…

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