Jul 5, 2011


From  Yesterday I have been on the farm looking after my sus-2-kids. That’s
 the duty of the not-being-pregnant-having-a-suro-being-preggies-with-twins! You need to look after her kids. And as I got the vibes she is ENJOYING EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT.

She is sleeping late, no screaming kids and late mornings, taking a nap again and then the afternoon again and going out no need to search for a babysitter. But after all its for the sake of my babies. SO twins take your change and GROW!!! Because on Thursday they will be back…

I feel so sorry for the kids, to not be with their parents, but sorry you2 they are not missing you AT ALL!! Because I am keeping them busy…we build houses ( my mother whole house have been turn up side down with all the furniture being move around. Blankets all over the place ( for the roofs) and kitchen ware being use for coffeehouses.  We went to town .Play with my brothers kids. I have been dragging them around , making food and just having fun. They are so sweet…

I was reading a blog about and was thinking how bad it is for an infertile to read all the bla and bla about when someone got pregnant and how hard it is for you not being on it….and it make me think…what am I??? Because I am still an infertile…and sometimes reading my own blog feels like someone else’s story. This is still unreal for me two.

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