Jul 21, 2011

She is not doing it for the money, she is my sister!!


A lot of people, when they found out what suro-sus are  doing for us they ask her….So much to do they pay you?? Or  this is nice , so now they do everything for you??? Or, so now you get treat the whole time!! But the big issue still is the money!

This past weekend my Mother in law ( the one that was saying 7 years ago, she will only turn up at our house if we dont have kids-and she stand with that till NOW! The only one of everybody who wants a boy, yes she is knitting blue!! Guess what no family names…) was saying she is so thankful for suro-sus, because she is doing ALL of us a favour!!

I was so piss-off – Suro-sus is not doing ALL OF US A FAVOUR!!! She is doing something so special and so wonderful for ME AND LUV, because she loves us and she wants us to be parents!! She is doing this out of her heart. She and her family are offering up a lot of things for us ,to have babies. She is doing it because she wants to. Not for money and not for someone to have a grandson!

With this whole suro-do I have seen that there are not a lot of people that want to do anything for someone, or they think you need to get something if you do something.

Yes we do paid for stuff, this must to cost suro-sus money, she is already offering up her body, party-time, and quality family time ( she cannot run after her kids or go climb trees)

And we do try to do nice stuff for her, but we don’t pay her $$$$$$$$$$$$ of millions. After all of these years of IF our bank balance have been ripped!!! And now the twins are coming. So its is not like the moment the babies arrive- we are bring in one of that large, big , cheque’s…

But  one day a surprize can come up their way, who knows???


  1. My liewe Vriendin Cstelle,
    Puntjes op de i! Groot gelijk dat jy dit van je afschrijft, verduidelijkt. Ikzelf heb nie een ogenblik getwijfeld aan de edele houding van jou Suro-Sus. Zij is een parel van een Vrouw. God seeên haar voor haar weldaad!
    Baie Kisses. Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,


  2. Hi from iclw...what an amazing story! I can not imagine being through all you've been through but what a beautiful ending! Such a blessing that your sister is your suro...congratulations on your twins!! I look forward to following your journey to motherhood!
    Maria :)

  3. Cstelle, I think there are people out there that actually just dont get the whole HEART of surrogacy! Ai!! It actually makes me sad! As a surrogate, I was often asked - so how much are you charging the parents? WTF?? mmmmm.. no, I am not charging the parents for me to carry their child! They cover the necessary expenses of pregnancy etc. As if any amount of money could ever "pay" for a baby! I have found many people to be uneducated regarding Surrogacy and how it works in SA! Here is to hoping we can educate the people around us and spread the word. Surrogacy is a labour of LOVE - done from the HEART! ((HUGS)) Shells xx

  4. Wow! People can be so rude (discussing payment). Just try to ignore them and enjoy the beautiful gifts you are about to receive.

    Wishing you all the best!

    ICLW #5

  5. Hello from ICLW! I am so sorry that your MIL is such a snot...for lack of a not so nice word in there. I know how hard it can be dealing with family and those who just don't understand. Keep your chin up and just ignore what you can because you have two beautiful gifts coming to you from a very beautiful woman who obviously loves you both ALOT!


    ICLW #114

  6. You got it in one - your sister is doing something so precious and making so many sacrifices for you and they are made out of love. No amount of money could ever repay her for what she is doing. When I think about your family and the bond you and your sister share (and think back to the two of you in the beds opposite us on the day of transfer and hear the giggles the two of you shared) I know your hearts are full of love for each other. That is enough - it is everything!