Jul 19, 2011

Painting ...tick off!!

Its so nice to be at home, and I have so much to do. The big thing is I need to move my ass and get all my stuff in place before the babies arrive.

The last 2 days I was doing a lot of painting work. So when I got up in the morning I jump into my rags and start to paint. I love paint, it is just now that I don’t really have time and it’s in on my to do list.

The nursery is nearly finish-soon you will see the pic’s!!  I like it !!!its not a baby room just a colourful room ( I love colour).

I paint the walls, I paint the wooden window’s that was due and all the other stuff that’s on the yearly touch-up list and the re-vamp list. And now I am up to here… for paint and brushes and paint in my hair. But the satisfaction to see what’s done…..wonderful!!!

Tomorrow it’s the garden’s turn and then I will start with all the lists. The what I need….The what I need to found…. The what I need to buy….The what I need to organize.

Suro-sus is doing fine!! I will see her soon again….gosh I am seeing forward to meet my babies!!!!

It feel weird to tell you this...but I have start to wash some baby stuff....baby clothes on the wire....in our garden...the whole day I was scared someone will peep over the fench and laugh!!!

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