Jul 8, 2011

20 week scan

This morning scan, was so amazing just to see our little one's again. Every time we have a glimpse of them its still unbelievable for me. Just to think that  finally this happen, is so cool!! The tears just start to roll when reality sink in...we have come such along way and NOW there is going to be babies after all the long years of heartache.

They are so cool to look at!! and are more or less weighing 430g each. The one was sleeping while as we look at the scan the other one was kicking him in the face. All ready irritating each other. Twins I suppose!

I think its time to hit the shops!!! but where do you start???? We are clueless!! I will post some pic's when I got home next Tuesday.

Suro-sus bump are getting bigger by the day and heartburn are killing her big time, otherwise she is doing GREAT!!!

Jislaaik, I wish the end is near I am dying to see them and to just touch them!!


  1. Myn liefste Cstelle, liewe Suro Sus,

    Fantasties. Ek verheug my met julle en ek is natuurlik nuuskierig op die foto's...

    Baie kisses. Liefdevol uit die somerse Vlaanderen,


  2. Ahhh, so glad all is progressing so beautifully! My twins are also beating each other and I imagine it will get worse as they start to run out of room.

    as for the shopping, somehow the 19 week mark was my trigger and I have started shopping. The stuff to start with is the big stuff... cots, pram, car seats, you shoul dget loads of the smaller things from your babyshower so no need to get too carried away with outfits etc. Good luck and enjoy the shopping it is a little overwhelming but so much fun to finally be in this place where you are making these decisions.

  3. What a good news. I am soo glad that all is going well with your twins !!
    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy,