Jul 1, 2011


I know how older people must feel with everyday another ailment. From April just everyday there is something new that’s hiding me!! Last week my voice disappear… . and drumroll this week…

After getting up on Tuesday my neck was stiff! And its so sore and I don’t have time for things like this, so today after I was getting up and the neck is still there!! I phone the doctor. And now I have this neck support thing on, just looking ridiculous. Have to laugh at myself. But hopefully this will soon clear up!!

Yesterday, my visit at the doctor was nice to have all the talks and getting answers. But at the end the doctor was asking….and what about contraception??? I was flipping out of my chair. CONTRACEPTION??? What is that?. Me trying for 10 years to just get pregnant, want to go on contraception. I am an Infertile!! Doctor if you haven’t notice!! Yes I am 20 weeks pregnant and not showing!!

So he explain, with my history to go through this and what if I get  another baby in my tubes? I was shock , so all I could get out was… I will think of that!! ( I still wish I can  be pregnant on my own)

So contraception!!! I will give it a skip!!! ( I am not the having sex-got-pregnant-girl after all)Thanx Doctor!

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