Jul 24, 2011


What a nice weekend!! We were at home this weekend. And me and luv are very good on not having anything planned… and then ended up doing so much nice stuff. So this weekend was one of those weekends. Visiting friends, chatting here and there and attend birthday parties and went out for coffee’s and lunches!! Mmmmmmmmm

Today was cold and rainy so the fire is burning in the fireplace and we are watching movies. Its always sad if the weekends are nearly finished!! Tomorrow friends from England are visiting us and we are seeing forward to it a lot!!! Just to do a bit of catching up!

Tomorrow we are 23 weeks!!!! And suro-sus are doing well, thanx for that and next week its scanning time- seeing forward to that to have a peep at our precious babies again and I want to feel them kick again.

I am nearly finish with the room still one thing to put up and them you can have the preview!!!( it will be this week- just hang on)

If I look at the baby clothes we have received, I cannot wait to see them in it!!!


  1. Your story is so heartbreaking. I really, really, really hope this is it for you. Can't wait to reach the next milestone!