Jul 15, 2011

The last 2 days was so full of baby-stuff it’s still unreal!

My fathers have made me the 2 most cute baby cots!! He is very proud of his hand-work and I think it was special for him to have had it for me. So he and my mom drive through and bring it to us. The moment we put that in the room …..IT FEELS REAL!!! And unbelievable!!

That night me and luv sat on the bed ( half past one in the night)in the room and just look at it, because never in my wildest dreams did we ever think that we will someday have cots in our house. It was a dream of which we lock the door long time ago. Now all of this Is happening.

What I can tell you all is….LUV is so super exciting!! And he now just wants to get the room finish.  He loves unpacking the baby stuff and making up the beds!!

And yesterday night…all of my friends in town, through me a STORK!!! A STORK!!!

All of these years the one thing I HATE was STORKTEA’S  ….do you know how strange that feel??? Most of time I am thinking….AM I PLAYING IN a REAL-LIFE-MOVIE????? Is this just a dream???but I will tell you more later when I got pic’c to show!!!
A very proud Grandpa to be!!!!

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  1. What a nice cots ! Beautiful work ... I think your dad should be proud indeed not only for the cots he made with his own hands, but for the grandchildren you will soon give and for the way his 2 daughters reach out for each other .... !
    Must have been sooo "confusing" to be at your own stork party !! Enjoy to the Max !!