Jul 17, 2011

Stork Tea!!!

Last Thursday I have had a surprise-stork-party!! If I think of it , it still rock my socks!!

All of these years I never attend any stork-parties, because I HATE them!! I hate it because at storks the girlie-talk is JUST ABOUT BABIES!!!! And it breaks your heart to see all the nice baby stuff and to keep a straight face. It’s such a sad place to be…longing for a precious baby too.

So the moment I open the door and the whole room was full of friends with hats on.( a lot of time I have something on my head) I was near fainting. I was in shock…and I start crying. ( I don’t even have pregnancy hormones in me, but emotional I and really fuck!)It was just so unbelievable to be at my own stork.

Opening the prezzies was scary to see all the baby stuff and at one time I was thinking why is there 2 of each in every single thing I open. This is how disorientated was. Afterwards I did not reminder what I have got.

It was so special for me, everyone have done so much effort and just for me. I have wonderful friends!! Thanx all of you!! I don’t think you will ever know what this have meant to me.

When Luv come and fetch me he first just want o peek in to the bags. We take everything to the BABYROOM, it feel every weird, our house have a baby room… and then we unpack everything and just look at it for some time. We have received wonderful stuff!!!

Can you believe, I was having a stork-party!!!

I am a real "cry baby"!!

Still Crying!!!!!!


  1. Ahh now you have me crying too! That is so awesome and those cots are so special. Yes honey it is time to accept this IS happening to YOU! :-) :-)

  2. Liewe Cstelle
    Goeie idee so 'n Stork-party met' n pamper as kroon ;-) Ek is saam met jou ontsteld.
    Kyk in my Blog. Mooi bly!
    Baie kisses, liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,