Jun 29, 2011

Going for a Dr's Visit!

Tomorrow I am going for my yearly visit to my Gyni. I am very regular on this. I don’t want there to be a problem and then it was my fault, because I did not go to the doctor. For not Iffers to go to their Gyni is a big issue, but then you are a infertile…this is so normal and nice . Its not a internal scan…Whoopy that’s nice for a change. It only that few minute and not looooooooonnnggg minute lying with an audience. There is no meds, just a nice chat. Sound like a nice’Outting’

Last year my Gyni-visit was 15 April. ( just after our 1st Suro-Ivf failure) Since then…

1                     I got pregnant on my own ( did not know it)(April)

2                     Had an ectopic – lost my tube( June)

3                     Got pregnant again(November)

4                     Miscarriage it again( November)

5                     Got pregnant again ( March)

6                     Miscarriage again ( March)

7                     Suro-sus got pregnant with Twins!!

8                     Tomorrow Sus will be pregnant with 19 week old twins. 

The doctor is defiantly not going to believe it , when he hear about my exciting life!!

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