Mar 30, 2011

Blood stop for now and I hope for ever!!!!

Today I just could not pick up the phone to ask my sis about the “Blood” So I only phone at 16h00, and the blood is gone, thank goodness. I think, I am not up for this  stuff anymore!!! It’s killing me.

I am really suffering a lot, I cannot describe it to you but I am not coping…and so emotionally, just want to cry all the time.  And a lot is happening around me that I need to cope with.
One of my IF-sister( that really support me a lot on my journey) give birth to a little girl this morning.. Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! Xxxx

I will not post  again until Monday after the scan… I hate scans!!!! But on Monday we will now… and I am holding my thumbs for a heartbeat!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about one of the twins in your last post. Such a relief that the bleeding has stopped. Sorry to hear that you're feeling so emotional... know how you feel and my heart goes out to you xoxo

  2. That's great news that the bleeding has stopped. I'll be hoping for that heartbeat on Monday along with you.
    You need to do what is good for you, take time off and perhaps go and get something to help you cope a little. Sometimes those little pills really help to take the edge off!

    Try hang in there and take care of yourself....try focus on one minute, hour, day at a time....try not to look ahead and just get by in the hear and now.....

    thinking of you and your little miracle/s xxx

  3. I'm so sorry for how scary this all must be. I've also had a vanishing twin. It caused lots of bleeding on the day before week 6 and I was convinced it was all over.

    I blogged about it here, in case my story might give you hope.
    lots of red
    scan update

    Today, that healthy bean is a gorgeous baby. :)

    My thoughts are with you for Monday's scan.

  4. I am so relieved that the bleeding has stopped. I hope it stays away now! I think it is totally understandable for you to be emotional and scared and tired of this terrible journey. Nothing on this journey has been kind to you, nothing has gone the way we all hope when we dream of making a baby and you ahev been dealing with this all for so very long. I wish the universe would cut you some slack and just let things procede smoothly now. Hugs!

  5. Thanx for your support!! I think its just because things never work out for me, and now I am just so scared!! because this is the last.

    I am beter now, after the scan it will give me more peace....

    Let hope the heart beat is ther on monday!!


  6. Sorry you have to face difficult situations again. I understand you hate scans by now and at the same time I just want to wish you all the best for your scan on Monday, Cstelle.

    Thinking of you,

  7. oh gosh! i can only imagine how insane the bleeding must have made you feel. hoping for a good scan on monday

  8. Good luck for 2day Cstelle and your Sis !! Please KUP.
    Thinking of you both,