Mar 20, 2011

next beta on Tuesday

Finally we home for now; we were coming back yesterday and we just doing nothing at all. This whole everything was ripping-out-all-my-energy this last month. I am so tired!! I think emotionaly  it have had a huge in-put on my life.
We need to go for another beta tomorrow… because of the holiday-day  its going to be difficult so we are going to do it Tuesday. I think when you are so long in this game one more day will not get you crazy!! Yes I lie, I am freaking out!!!
Everything is feeling so un-real…and this I can tell you, my mind is whooozing around 10000000000 –feelings-emotions.

Suro-sus have such a good beta and me and luv are so-over-the-moon, but so scared… and I know she will be fine I am believing it, it is just because of my terrible pregnant tragic- history, to relax just don’t happen. I am so scared to even phone her to ask if everything is still fine.
Luv don’t show any emotions, and that is his way of dealing, I am all over the place.
After Tuesday Beta we will know more what to expect next!!
This is a very nervous Suro-sus, would it not been nice if we know that this beta is going to be so wonderfully-good!! because the dreadful 2 hours after this blood nearly got US killed!!!

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  1. Stopping over from ICLW from #63 & #153. Oh my gosh have you been through a lot. I'm hoping beyond hope that this is finally it for you. And holy crap is this amazing!! You are both pregnant!!!!!! wheeee!