Mar 10, 2011

No I dont feel pregnant yet.

Next Thursday is Test day for us. I have to say time is flying for me, why??? Because I am having fun, hahaha,  I think because I want it to be. I am feeling fine; I am busy sorting stuff out in my head.( and that is keeping me busy 24/7)  I always have to have a plan B, and I have it. So that’s why I am not very nervous or anxious or of my trolley…  Can you believe I am stable and cruising?
..and its weekend.
Suro-sus is feeling sick, like it can maybe  be flu and it’s not nice…I am tired but that is because of all the stuff that happen till now.
This one is feeling like a breeze without all the meds I always needed before, that change this time. I am now just on all the normal After transfer meds.

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  1. Great that you're feeling so positive... lovely start for your little one/s :) xoxo