Mar 3, 2011

8 eggs!!

 Sorry for not update you all yesterday, but we only got home after 20h00 last night and then I was in my “kas” tired!!!
Tuesday was nice just to do nothing, went out for pizza’s and got back, there was a call from the clinic. My doctor is not on theatre list for the week, so he will not do the Egg Retrieval (ER).  Because the doctors rotate very week, you not always get the one you want. On Friday DR Super S tell me he will come in early do to my scan because he want to (When I visit the clinic many moons ago, he have just started at the clinic, so we know each other’s for years!!!)
Yesterday morning I went for ER, got my clothes off, dress in the hospital-cocktail-dress that always show your ass ( Yes I always forgot my gown!!! But the black-pasmina with the red and white slippers make me feel like I was going to a party) The sisters think is very funny.
So Doctor V was standing in, He have a totally different type of personality, not every girl like it. But I know him and for me and he is nice and very good on operations.
He anaesthetist  came to see me before theatre, a-father-xmas-tipe-guy, and he was talking the whole time, and stuff that, if you know me, just keep quiet!! Yes he was saying you will get your baby, just relax…That is one thing you not tell a 10 year-infertile!!!! Your crocodile!!!
I walk to the theatre feeling great , but the moment I got on the bed ( like always tears was just running like a sprint from my cheeks!!! Unstoppable!!! I could not stop crying… So Father-xmas is saying don’t be scared!!! And I was saying I AM NOT SCARED AT ALL!!!! The sister who already start scrubbing  yell from the back… O Cstelle I want to hold your hand!!! Now Doctor V move in and start rubbing my arm and my hair ( with the blue streaks in) and the embro-women was holding my other hand. It was so funny and stupid!!!!! But the emotions were sky high!!!
Doctor V was so nice and them I told them, I am not scared or anything it is just very time I am on the theatre bed I want it so badly to be my last!!!! And now it is my last!!!

For all the follicles ( not all of them have eggs is) we’ve got 8!!!!! It’s good!!
Nice thing, I did not bleed afterwards! Just after theatre Dr Super S phone but my phone was still on silent, we talk last night after 8, he so badly wanted to do the ER but they book an “op” at the other hospital and he was piss not to do it. He will call me today after 1 to let me know what my eggies are doing!!!

So keep your fingers cross for a good fertilization report!!


  1. Ek hoop jy kry 'n fantastiese Fert report!

  2. Good luck, 8 eggs are awesome :-) Holding everything holdable that you get your blessing!

  3. Liewe Cstelle,
    Fantasties! Ook ek bid verder vir jou (net nie met crossed fingers), baaie gelukwensen
    Baaie kisses, liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,


  4. Dankie julle vir die ondersteuning!!!!!