Mar 18, 2011


Yesterday was such a hectic day. We where to scared to do the beta...and I think everybody was on their nerves!!! Sorry all of you guys!!!

The girls at the lab was asking if we where sisters and how did it happen that we both think we are maybe pregnant.... so we told them the story and say...please it have to be +!! this is our last shot, so you girls need to make a plan, grab someone else blood if ours are -.!!

The clinic phone and asking where did we draw blood because they are waiting.. So after 1hour 30 min my phone ring...PRIVATE NUMBER!!! The sister know they must text me not phone me. But I was ready , picking up the phone, and asking the sister 'did you loose the bet, and now you need to phone me" so she was saying... i know we are not allowed to phone you but I want to tell you.... I was going into cannot hear anything....what????/what???? say again???? what??? let me write it done!!!!

She was ecstatic!!!! you have a beta of 56 and Suro-sus have one of 343!!! Yes hers is so good!!!!

The doctor phone me asking if we are ready to buy a combi??? and I was saying at the stage we don't mind buying a double Decker bus!!!!

Last night we pick up more meds at the sister and she is over the moon!!!!! Have to say everybody is so exited for us!!!!

Luv was in a meeting yesterday so he just received a text and today I will see him, I miss him so much!!!!!

We will take this pregnancy day by day... and believing this is our miracle!!!

Thanx for everybody sending us wishes and mean alot!!!


  1. I wish you all the best Cstelle. This is great news and double lucky indeed !!

  2. Yes I know!! I am over the moon!