Mar 28, 2011

Not Planned???

This weekend I was hearing the next stuff from 2 women… “It was such a shock, when I found out ,I am pregnant”…then the first thing I ask  is, were you on contraception????
“NO!! but I did not think it was going to happen so soon”….and it’s on that spot that I cannot understand the following…

#         They are telling KIDS age 12 upwards !!!! if you don’t use contraception and having sex….Guess what???? You can get PREGNANT!!! So how de hec does married women in their 20ties doesn’t know this basic biology stuff?? Are they just plain super-stupid or seeking attention??
#         so what was the shock?? You that did not know you were NOT on any contraception?? ( after all … only you stop using the pill,!!you take out the loop!! You stop the injection!!)
# or was the shock….you the married one did not know if you have sex…do the “thing”…do some baby dancing…knock it off…get laid… can get you pregnant??? Do you think people like these still think the storks bring the baby????

I think it can be a huge shock getting pregnant when you on the pill, using condoms or any other stuff, or have no sex in years - because it was not plan at all….
BUT  if you are on NO CONTRACEPTION!!!!! You can get pregnant and then it was planned!!!!

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