Mar 29, 2011

Vanishing twin

You all know by now my nerves and emotions are on the edge… It’s like I just cannot concentrate on ANYTHING at all!!! I was seeing forward the whole of last week to go cycling this morning, and when I got the text "where are you??" I could not believe I totally forgot about it, TOTALLY!!! and the best is, its highlighted in my diary.
Got a call from Suro-sus this morning…
“ I was sitting on my couch and the next moment it feels like I am peeing in my pants! And when I got to the loo there was blood!!! “ ( It feels like I want to scream!!! I don’t want you to go through what I have been through, time after time!!)and it is just unbelievable that our pregnancies cannot just be normal!!!!
So she rushes to her Doctor and he did a scan… yes as we suspect it is/was twins!!
The one is exact where it needs to be, 5 weeks and they could see a fetal- pole, but it’s too soon for a heartbeat. The other one is not looking good. Look like a vanishing twin. The blood is better but only time will tell. Have to say it rock me a lot!!
My Fs wants to see us now on Monday (6weeks) for the scan, to see what is happening. I think that will help a lot. The poor sisters at the clinic's nerves are up for us!!

With all in me I hope the pregnancy will end up in a baby, I so badly want!!

I also went for Reflex today and the girl said everything in me is not working, so I need to detox. I think after all the hormones and emotions my body is screaming for help!!


  1. That must've been so scary for you both!!! Hang in there till Monday and I am hoping for a positive outcome xxx thinking of you

  2. Oh Honey, my heart felt like it was jumping out my chest with fright when I rea your post on FC. So I can only imagine what you are going through. Hoping beyond hope that Monday brings some good news that all is progressing the way it should. Sending you much love and big hugs to both you and your sus.