Mar 9, 2011

What happen on tranfer-day

Just got home feel like I am never ever home….
Here follow the update on the transfer… I can only say what a” hec-of-a-day” it was.
We need to be at the hospital at 10h00 and the transfer was supose to be 10h30.  Suro-sus need to deliver flowers just before we need to get going to be on time at the hospital. She was in a rush and when she reverses her car she bump into my car, SMASH!!! In to the drivers-door. And all of you who ever went through IF-Treatment, know that is the last thing you need and that on transfer day!!!! You need to be CALMMMMMMMMMMMMM not on shock!!!
She was in such a shock and was feeling terrible about the car! All I was thinking of was… its fine … things like this happen…it could be worse…it could  have happen on the high way and then we will be late or something worse could have happen. She was asking what is Luv going to say( he did not come with because of work) , and I was saying its fine, we can fix it.
The next moment Suro-sus husband say, you need to go NOW ( yes, can you belief this??) to the police station to get a number for the insurance!!! WTF!!!!
We need to go to hospital and who is his right mind will now put pressure about this nonsense stuff, it’s a bump, not an huge accident and you all know how long It’s going to take at the police station. Not once did I hear… its fine just you relax we can sort this out later .
Shame I was feeling sorry for Suro-sus… okay so off we go, both of us getting in at the passenger seat, my door cannot open.
At the clinic, I first went to the loo, I know you need a full bladder for ET, but I also know theatre is not always running on time, and then by the time you get to theatre it feels like the whole ocean is sloshing in your bladder.
We always have fun together and there was a few funny moment. Laughter was always my saving grace, to be happy makes you feel better.
One thing when I am at the clinic my mind block-so then they must make the decisions. We only went to theatre at 12h00 ( they was running so late, there was some hick-up with some lady.  So in this time I empty my bladder a few times, and was feeling great.
I was thinking that if there was good quality embryos, I will take them. ET was not at all emotional  , I was feeling so good knowing this is the end, I am fed-up. Suro-sus took 2 embies and yes I took 2 as well. And then  when they was finish I was thing WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DO THAT???? They was not good quality at all, but I was thinking at that stage, I cannot leave the 2 behind, I am there mommy, and just MAYBE!!! LUCK WILL BE WITH ME!

The miscarriage cocktail-new-study-and-yes-it-change-very-time-to-something-new, change again from December so I don’t need to do Clex.anne injections ( it’s the one that change my tummy in to horrow burses.)
So we only got home at 14h30 ( what a long day!!!) and the moment we put our foot in the house  Suro-sus husband went like parrot again, “you need to go to the police station NOW!!” WTF!!!! Not how did it go??  go and relax!! When  I am home tonight, I can take you or look after the kids while you go. You must go NOW!! ( I am sorry Luv was not there he is always so supportive)
So before 15h00 me and Sus was standing in the police station with 2 small kids for long…still with our hospital tags around our arms… and I was thinking, thanx this is the end of this route, because we have just go through hell, pay a hell of a lot of money and now we need to be standing in a police station. Support???

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