Mar 21, 2011


Tomorrow me and suro-sus will do our 2nd Beta test to see if our beta’s have climb to where they need to be now. I will do mine 8h  just to get it over with and suro-sus will do hers at 12h and then the wait.
I really hope with everything in me that Suro-sus beta will be sky-high through the ceiling. Because she is the super-one with the best change for us ever having a baby.
I, on the other hand are just so risky to be pregnant, it’s my 9th time and if I read it ,it sounds ridiculous. 9th times pregnant and  NO BABY yet???? And every time I believe this must be my time some or other time my luck must change, and then I just start to bleed. The moment a got a + I start to bleed. I don’t know if my body think that’s maybe how things are suppose to work???
Normal girl got pregnant and the  baby follow, me got pregnant and a miscarriage follow ( not exciting at all)
So , yes you are right…..I have start to bleed!!!  So my changes are so little, but Suro-sus pregnancy make this a lot better, so for tomorrow may she hit the roof!!!!!

Please !!!!!please!!!!! please!!!!


  1. Good luck, thinking of you and holding thumbs for your and your sis xxx

  2. Best of luck for Surro-Sus.
    Sorry you started to bleed, IF/Mc-Sus !!