Apr 4, 2011

Miracles do happen

I don’t know where to start, after a really nice weekend and yesterday we watch the Cir.que du Sol.leil and it was awesome!!! They were so good!!!
My nerves were doing fine, because I was making it out for myself “ that nothing is in my hands anymore, I cannot do anything ,I can  just take what is coming my way”
So this morning we went for the scan and  me and Luv was hoping with our whole heart …. That one baby will still be there. please!!!!
The sister was holding my hand, me and luv where chewing on sweets ( it was all you got hear) and the doctor was saying “GOOD LUCK” before he did the scan…

And there is was   2 MIRACLE HEARTBEATS!!!!!    2 TWINS !!!!!!   2 BABIES!!!!

I could not get a word out,  I was staring at the scanner and crying….crying..”snot en trane”!!! Luv had tears in his eyes, the sister was hugging me, the super nice Doctor was holding and hugging me, and he said it was such a long road...I just could not stop crying….. I think people in the passage, think it was bad news we just get.

…it was the most overwhelming, overpower feeling ever. It knocks me out of my pants!! This is our 10th pregnancy, and it feels so unreal!( I suppose it is unreal not me being preggers) After all of these years this is our only chance for babies, and 2.
It is still very early days, and we will take it day by day, I believe God give us this miracles and He will be with us every step of the way.
I am so exited!! We want to scream it out from every corner of the world!! I want to tell everybody about my amazing sis and what’s happening, but we will wait till after the 13 week scan.
  We will have a scan in 2 weeks time. What cause the blood ???? dont know it's clearing up in the uterus, thank goodness!
Now we are going to sleep…we are so  drained!!!


  1. Hallelujah! Loof en Prys ons almagtige God! Cstelle ek is so baie baie bly dat daar 2 hartkloppies is!

  2. Liewe Cstelle,
    Wonderbaar, God is groot. Ek is so bly vir julle, my gebed is dus tog verhoor word. Ek sê dieselfde as jou christelike vriendin.
    Baaie kisses. Liefdevolle lentegroeten uit Vlaanderen,
    Je vriendin


  3. I just read your post on Fertilicare and just had to come to your blog and congratulate you - my whole body has goosebumps all over me. You don't know me but I am also a fellow IF and have been watching your story closely. I am so thrilled for you and I will be praying for you during this incredible time. Enjoy every moment.
    My beautiful son was born with the help of an amazing surrogate and is now 7 months old.
    hugs to both you and your sister. Have a wonderful pregnancy.
    with love J.

  4. Dit is fantastiese nuus!! So baie bly vir julle :)))


  5. I am so relieved and thrilled for you guys! You gave us such a scare, so heaven knows how you were getting through the weekend! Twins, I am so over the moon for you! Please post the picture

  6. Cstelle, I am so very very happy for you!! I will continue to pray for you, your surro-sus and your miracle twins!! Please, especially tell your surro-sus that I am thinking of her - from one surro to another!

  7. Sorry about my slow blogging this week... great news :)) TWINS - congratulations xoxo