Nov 2, 2011

Cracks???? where??

Nika sitting snug and safe...

Yesterday I was alone for the first time the 9 o’clock feeding – I was facing my first challenge ( I love a challenge) to handle the twins all on my one. I need to get the hang of it because Luv is going to work on Friday.

I wake Nika.  Feed her and burp her and then it was Wium’s turn. This all happen in 30 min. They are really sputnik’s!! I was feeling on top of the world.

..but I am scared, because I know that  sooner or later the cracks will show in my little angles, wings...

The sit-and-watch-twin-holiday is also about the get to an end....after all, there is a world out there! Yesterday we have started to do home-stuff. Doing washing and bottles, plant some plants in the garden and do some bottles, and iron and do some bottles, and Luv need to eat and I have to do the bottles.

Luckily we have bought this wonderful wraps  so now when the one is awake I just pop her or him in and go on with normal stuff. And they just love to be in the wrap. The wraps have defiantly give me extra set of arms!!.

With the 3 o’clock feeding at night we are now going to make turns so that the other one can sleep through. It was my turn and all went well.( Have to confess , Luv wake me I did not hear the alarm clock. I am BAD with alarms!!)

...but this moring , Luv went out and I was alone, not a problem at all.  But then an hour before the feed, the twin’s wings scatter in million pieces!!

They scream together!!!! On top of their voices ( did not know they have voices) now I know.

I turn into overdrive and change diapers in seconds and put them up against  the cushions ( thanx goodness it’s not in the ICU-Chair anymore) and feed them together till they calm and after that I took one at a time....and the wings jump on back....

They are sleeping right now...Z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... let sleeping dogs sleep...


  1. Seems to me you are coping very well! There are bound to be moments where things are not all that smooth, but sounds like you handled it brilliantly. Hope things continue to run smoothly for you guys.

  2. Seems like you really are getting the hang of it !! Glad all is going well and hope the re-adjustment to the "real world" has a new taste now that you are mum to the twins !!