Nov 8, 2011

Nika and Wium

Let me tell you more about my 2 little angels at home. They are twins, this is just here where all the differences start.They are a boy and a girl. With so different everything it’s unbelievable!!!

We spot the different personalities from when we saw them first. In ICU it was visible already!!

Nika was the slightly bigger one at birth. She came out with dark hair on her head and she was the taller one ( only with a cm) She look more like Luv, the hands and feet, but my personality and my round shape face.

When she was still inside, one day Suro-sus told me the following...the one that is on my left side, NEVER GOES TO SLEEP!!!!! This one is ALWAYS awake!!. We could not wait till birth to see what’s going to pop that don’t want to was NIKA!!! Surprize!!

Nika is hyper!!! Not a shock at all because most of my family are hyper!!! When she is awake, everything move the whole time, she can already lift up her head and move it from side to side....she is curious off whats around her.. as I type this she is awake in the wrap , she is wake for most of this day....

She is always hungry ( just like me) and she want to eat anything, the burp cloth is very scare  of her.She just love her purple dummy. When we feed her she spills and burps,  not a lady-like-drinker.

When we put them together for their sleep, she is always punching Wium and kicking him. I will soon start to separate them if she don’t stop to be a bully!!. She is pissing him off.

Wium have a  oval shape face like Luv, but he have my hands and feet and Luv’s personality. He is a sweetie with good manners. He have light hair and are always sitting and just staring. He is not all over the place like madam.  He sleeps well and if he drinks his milk and its finish he closes his lips and we can wipe it. He is my good manner –boy. He don’t like his dummy allot.

One thing in common, they both hate POOOOO in their diaper-pants!!

I think they love each other hopefully, because we adore them!!!!

We just love to explore every day, their new wiggles and twitches!!

Decent little Wium

The wild girl Nika ( yes she wanted to eat the flower, it was in her mouth)

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  1. Ze zijn zo lief, elke dag met hen is een nieuwe ontdekking :)
    liefs Annick