Nov 28, 2011


The twins are 2 months old today!!!! They are like full-grown-full-tern-babies now. Where did the time go...... 2 months of super joy!!!! And still time is passing to quickly, we are enjoying them sooo much, and I just adore this baby-stage.

I will take a 2 month foodie later today and post it.

This weekend we went out with the twins for breakfast twice, they just love an “outing” !! and if they knew their parents they must get use to a” pick-up-and-go-life-style” and we went to friends for a braai on Saturday night. And the best they behave like 2 angles.

Weekends are bliss with Luv here. Its so nice to have an extra pair of hands. But when we hit Mondays.... the twins have a conspiracy against me.

Then they make me run for my life!!! There is always one awake, leaving me too not get to all the things that need to be done.  I think if you put a camera in my house you will sit the whole day and watch and laugh your ass off for the comedy, thats playing off. They don’t like to be on the same place the whole time so they are scattered all over my house, because now they like it in their pram and then on the kitchen table, then to the couch and then to their bed.

If I feed the one the other one will look me straight in the eye and........PUKE!!!! then I need to put the one down , pick up the other one, clean-up....and then the other one will start to POO!!!! Then I need to put the puking-one down and pick up the poo-one ( the poo-one like to see how far he can test- poo-the-diaper-brand)

When the phone ring, and I am so glad to just have a chat...I pick them both up plus their dummies and run for the phone. If I dare leave then they will just start to complain and I will need to end my call. SO if you phone me it will probably be all 3 of us answering the phone.

And the newest twin-trick...I think they love each other dearly, but in the week when it’s just mommy at home. They want all off mommy’s attention JUST FOR THEMSELF!!!!! So I may  only have one sitting with me, not both!!! If I pick up one, that don’t want to sleep( the other one is then sleeping) it will only be a few seconds then the sleepy one just know( how the hec I don’t know) and will start to complain!!!! What if they are not babies, and maybe bionic-robots....visiting earth????

...but I am enjoying every single thing about them and we laugh allot!!

Nika is gunning Wium most of the time , but last night in the bath....( they are lying on their bath-grips) WIum was peeing  with an arch into his little sister’s head!!!. SO Sus you need to look out,,, the game is on!!!

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  1. Oh God, what a dynamics !! From a rational perspective, it must be HECTIC but from the emotional perspective, enjoy because this stage will pass by so fast ....