Nov 14, 2011

Best diet ever.... twins!

I know all of you wonder about what’s going on in Suro-sus life??? Can tell you she is not busy with a new suro-project and she is not open for any new suro-attempts. Sorry you all!! She just did it for lucky me!

When she was still preggo’s with the twins, her oldest daughter was telling her one night. Mommy when the babies is out you can lay down in a bath full of bubbles, on your back and then you will say “ this is the life! “

Suro-sus is enjoying her newly-back-on-track-life-till-the-fullest!! She got her own life back!! And she can play with her kids and pick them up. And we have a new life, thanx to sus!!

She was amazing is so many words. She hates it to be pregnant, but still did it.

She have only pick up 4kg the whole pregnancy ( i still remember after the 6 week scan, she was asking how am I going to look with twins on the end? And it turn out...she look awesomely good!!!!!

She picks up 4kg and the twins weigh 4kg at birth!!! You go girl!!! And with twins its all the extra blood and inside stuff. She loose her own body fat during the pregnancy. ( It look like I was pregnant one)

So now 7 weeks after the twins birth, Suro-sus is weighing 10 kg less!!! She look amazing!! She is in the clouds!! It was her best diet ever!!! People that did not see her during the pregnancy is asking What did you do!! To look this good and all she answer is..... I was having twins!!!


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  2. Je zus ziet er geweldig uit, na de bevalling
    liefs Annick

  3. You Sisters both look great, I must say. I am glad that her fear of accumulated "fat" and having to go through diets after surro-preg did not materialise !!
    This is such a beautiful adventure for your family. Maybe you should write a book one day... it is inspiring !!

  4. Liewe Cstelle,
    Heel bly om Suro-Sus hier in top vorm te sien! Voorstel: Ons sou wel graag haar voornaam weet ;-)
    Baie kisses. Heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,


  5. Hi Nadja, haar naam is Lida.

    Maybe a book one day....

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