Oct 31, 2011

37 weeks and still kicking.

My baby-sitter in action...

I cannot believe we have been home for over a week now, just being inside our home the whole time and ENJOYING these 2 miracles. I think it will take a while to realize it’s ours forever!! After all these years with Zero Guarantees, it’s FINAL!!! that we are parents and that’s a GUARANTEE!! At freaking last!

With every feeding me and Luv change and feed the other one, and very second time you get the same one, you cannot believe the change, they getting bigger as we speak! And a little secret, I LOVE small babies, I just adore them. My premmies are not prem anymore....the weigh 2,8kg. Must be all the love they get  that’s making them grow so much.

They are acting more and more like babies. If we wake them for their feeding and they realize its MILKY-TIME they go mad... and they attract their bottles like a shark its bait. I am scared of my fingers. And we will defiantly need too  buy to  more burp-clothes because if that’s in the way they start to nipple on that as well.

Most of the time they sleep, but the hyperactive Nika ( suro-sus spot that in the womb already)  wants more attention and like to listen to us open-eyed.

They are only 37 weeks today and they hate having poo in the diapers. If they start to wiggle we just know.....change the diaper or Nika’s hat is over her eyes.

I can just look at LUV, its not a surprise for me , but he is just enjoying his kids soooo much. If you can see him now you will think soon he will open a baby-crèche.

I don’t have somebody helping me at home and between everything I still got time for washing, ironing and believe it....after a year there was time for me to get my ass on the treadmill, and it felt great!

Yesterday somebody was telling me they are going to try another IVF, because I have given them hope. And it feels great to be, some hope for women out there.

If you are still on the IF journey, my heart goes out to you. I hope with all in me that you will read my story and can take a bit of it, if its a small piece of hope to get glued too. Its a not easy road to be one...HUGS xxxxxx

Waiting for their bottle ( me having a BAD hair day)

On their way to have a bath


  1. I am so glad things are going so well with your DH and your babes ! Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing those precious times with us !!

  2. Lyk my jou man is goud werd! Ek's bly als gaan so goed, jy laat dit so maklik klink! Julle babatjies is pragtig en julle is defnitief 'n inspirasie vir die wat naby aan moed opgee is! En dis een ding wat ek vir almal vertel, moet net nie moed opgee nie! Wat sê hulle? Aanhouer wen.

  3. WOW They are gorgeous and I simply cannot believe how well you and Luv are coping! Keep the photos coming so we can all watch them grow with love.