Nov 17, 2011


First outing with the pram!!! ( Can you spot the one that take the photo??)
We need to take off early tomorrow morning, its a 1h20  to get to the town and then 9 o’clock it’s the injections and 10 o’clock it’s the Pead visit ( its a new one) then its feeding time somewhere in the car and them its chiropractor-time.  I know this every good chiro and she love working with babies . With my last visit in August I was telling her the twins will be coming.

Then its stocking-up time with milk and diapers and groceries. After that I am as you all could see on the in desperate need of a hair cut.

I hope my babies will love their outing.

1 comment:

  1. Leuk dat de zon nog schijnt, bij ons is het bijna winter. vrieskoud, leuke foto van je man en de tweeling:)
    liefs Niekie