Nov 23, 2011

You are going to be blessed!!

Exactly a year ago I have had another miscarriage. Yes, yet another!!. I defiantly fuck up the miscarriage-statistics big time!! Me .... not a good experimental guinea pig!!!

We live in a small little town, and here is not allot of coffee shops or restaurants. But we do go often to the one for coffee. Me and Luv are coffee-junkies!

SO last yea,r more around this time, after a coffee. One of the girls that waiter there, call me back and tell me.

...YOU ARE GOING TO BE BLESSED IN ABUNDANCE!!!! She did not know we are doing Suro.

And look where we are now.... blessed with twins!!!!

All along this last year the ladies were asking how is the babies, how are your sister and when are they coming?  When the twins was still in “just-stay-indoors” I went for a take-a-way and all the girls come running to me to, congratulate me. One of them have seen it in the newspaper and tell the others...the” Mocca-Chocca’s ” twins have arrive!! ( you can just think what we always order....mocco chocca’s, and I think that is our nickname in that shop)

One day they have had a peep through the car window and last weekend we went for breakfast with them in the wraps...

Total chaos!!!! Very one even the kitchen staff wanted to see them!!!


  1. Isn't it amazing to feel the love surrounding your children!!! I love that they know you by your coffee order!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    ICLW #68

  2. Liewe Cstelle,
    Baie mooi foto! My seën het jy ook, ek is so bly vir julle.Kyk in my blog:

    Baie kisses. Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,