Nov 21, 2011

Due date....40 weeks

Today is 40 weeks!!!! This was our official due date in the very first beginning!!

...and now the twins are 8weeks already!

In the beginning I wondered will we ever get to this, will this be it, please that this be it, please!! And now we are sitting with the 2 most gorgeous twins in the world,  in our arms .  If I look at them and I see how they just love us and want to be with us every sec. ( luckily for them their mommy have waited sooo damm long, and don’t mind sitting with them 24/7 )

I look at them and think they have come in such a special way into our life and how many life’s and hearts they have touch. They were so mend to be!!

The utter joy and contentment they have give us, up till now...I just know they are here with us because of lots of prayers and hope and love.

Wium  and Nika you are sitting your mom and dad’s heart full!!!


  1. Loverly picture, they are growing fast
    groetjes Annick

  2. Beautiful babes! I KNOW the wait was worth it! I'm happy to have found your blog. We are expecting 3 babies in the spring-- twins with one surrogate and a singleton with another. Looking forward to following your journey! Best, Bernadette

  3. They are just too precious! They make the wait so worth it I'm sure..... special babies indeed xxx

  4. your twins are beautiful!!!