Nov 7, 2011

38 weeks

Time is flying so quickly and my babies are getting bigger and bigger. Nika is weighing 3,1kg
and Wium 3kg and they are only 6 weeks old! ( 38 weeks). One little secret I just adore small little babies and now mine are babies, big babies. And every day I stare at them I can see the huge changes. Where are my tiny little babies??? This is why I cherish every single second of them, because before I blink my eyes they will be BIG... O Gosh!!! And I want be a mommy forever!!

I can not complain about them at all, they do not cry ( just when you take off their clothes to bath and when we are not on the dot with their bottles, then they start to complain.) but otherwise they are champion babies. We are still sitting on the edge and wait for this to change. But time will tell I suppose.

This weekend we put on some curtain rails and I was Luv handyman and I just pop the twins in the wraps and they sleep though all the work that need to be done.

We are starting to stretch their feeding routine. This will took a while to adept to this robot-twin-routine.

Because the twins was born on 32 weeks , they told us to not have sick people near them till 40 weeks and that people dont pick then up and NO kids, because kids have all the child-germs. Now we are on 38 weeks! WOw!! so near to start to hit the road.

My grandma she is 90 could not wait to meet the twins, and on our way home we stop, so that see can see them. Everybody was waiting sooo long for this special babies. She is now very sick...


  1. They are so beautiful. I am so glad that you could make yours and your grand-mother's wish come true !!

  2. Dit is heel schattig :)
    liefs Annick

  3. I enjoy them so much!