Nov 10, 2011

Family rocks the house

 I am not sure what happen....our whole house is still in bomb –shock!!! Something hit us??? What???? family!!!  

My aunt is down here to see her sick mother ( she is also a grandma of the twins) and she come down to see her new grandchildren, and with her my mother ( also a grandma) and the twins “tummy-aunty” plus her kids. As you all can make the sums...they fill-up the car with family and visit us. I do have a family that is scared they will loose out.

After 5 minutes with the kids over excited to see their new family-little-friends, everyone talking and laughing and camera lights flashing, I could see the twins are rock!!!

The rebel Nika just sleep ( I think  that was a cover... only pretending) and Wium sitting with eyes so big, look like he have just step on a landmine. This was the first meeting with the family, and I can only say, good luck kids this is just the beginning!!!

Suro-sus was so surprise to see how BIG they have grown!! She was the one that saw them the most in ICU. 

Now the fam have left, and the twins cannot believe the utter peace of silence... as the song go...


They just love there new dolls!!
Suro-sus with the twins!! Can not believe they where in her.
Granny!! Look at the smile!!

The twins were very privileged, they were listen to the sounds of Mozart and Beethoven while we bath them

and another Granny with Nika


  1. Lieve vriendin Cstelle, Suro-Sus en kindjes, geachte Ouma's,
    Vreugde! Kyk:

    Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,


  2. HaHa, must have been fun but also nice to go back to a quiet house !! You have a great family !!
    I guess I will have the same "family bomb" once we'll be back home with our baby .... any tips welcome !!