Nov 19, 2011

What a looooong day!

Friday was a very long day... we got up at 5 o’clock to feed. Me and Luv got dress and pack everything for the day. Milk supply + extra because we always got hook ups somewhere. Extra clothes, enough diapers, wraps and the pram.

On the way there is always time for a take-away-coffee. We arrive half pass 8 and need to do a feed again IN THE CAR!! We unpack everything on the dash-board, we change the diapers on our laps. ( few people we defiantly peeping at us)

Diaper change...

We put them in the wraps and off to the lady who will do the injections. Did not know what to expect...and we where angel!!! She was so nice and babies are her passion. She did a thorough examination of the twins and then did the injection. They did not even cry allot!!! She was so caring and help me allot with questions.

Luv doing a quick feed.

Nika is weighing 3,78kg  and Wium 3,58kg. I am so proud of them doing so well and now I know we are on the right track!!

The "angel" busy with Nika

Then it was off to the pead!!! What a bummer ... she was terrible!!! Afterwards we were still in shock, how not up to it she was!! She is suppose to be the one to see if they are on track with their millstones. She did not ask anything about them. Like birth weight, age and length ect. She put Nika on the scale and said, she have a nice weight.. Duuuuud!! You don’t even know how many weeks this girlie are. Nika pee on her bed , she did not even wipe it and then next she put Wium next to the pee ( sorry they can be twins, but he is your next patient ! and you will defiantly bill him for the full!)

Nika have this neck that is bending to the back allot. Look like a spasm. It worry us abit. I did not say anything and wanted to see what see will say....she said: this girl is every strong!! Then I know, we need to hit the road!!! She will not see us ever again!!!

Right after the injections, and sleeping again ( I did not drug them)

Nika at the Chiro

Then is was off to the Chiro. I know she is good and I always don’t tell her anything to see if she can find the problem. Wium was fine, his neck a bit out, but fine. Nika....have problems!! With her neck, a nerve is pinching and so her neck is in spasm ( the chiro could see this, I could see this, but pead???? NO!!) the neck is  better and she need a check-up again. And today they are not suffering with winds so much!! Chiro do babies so good!!.

Then we where off the do shopping and we met up with my brother next to the road at a gas station. They have not see the twins!!

Wium just enjoying his ajustment.

We got back home at 8 o’clock the night.... and what did the twins do the whole day????


It was a utter bliss with them, they just love an outing!!!

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  1. Waw sounds like you were on a real adventure trip and that your twins behaved like champs.
    That picture of Wium enjoying the chiro is so strong ....
    What an awful pead !! Do you have another one that comes recommended or what will you do ?