Nov 13, 2011


This was on Friday morning, looking around...

I think I am addicted!!!! To my babies!!

I can not leave them for a second!! I am just so in love with them!!! And weekends are the best then Luv is with us the whole time.The twins are being more and more awake during the days!! And Nika at night.  They are 7 weeks this week and they start being more like babies everyday.,

They want to be  near us the whole time and I know  I am making a big mistakes, but you know I don’t care and want to have them on me the whole time. After al,l I did  wait 10 years for this.

They don’t cry, just  even they hungry and when we undress them for bath time otherwise they quiet . They love it when I sing to them “OUR” special song.

This weekend we went for our first outing to a restaurant!! Likely there were not much people there. I am a bit anti-germy!!

This was how I did some clean up at home this weekend!! With Nika, she just love to clean the house.

After a very tiring weekend!!


  1. Liewe Mama Cstelle,
    “Amazing Grace!”
    Jou jongste foto is nou in my "Straße der Besten"!
    Baie kisses, liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,

    xxxxxx Kisses ook voor Nika en Wium!

  2. Such gorgeous photos of your darling little ones :)) So sorry that I'm so far behind on all your news... great to hear that they're home and doing so well :)) Congratulations xoxo

  3. They really are a bunch of cuteness !!
    I am really glad that you like it sooo much to be with them non-stop, Cstelle !!