Oct 17, 2011

20 day in ICU

Today its 20 days in here!!  What a place to be!! and I cannot believe how the time fly and all the time I have spend in here. The 2 are doing great!! and it sound as if we can start to pack our bags... to leave soon.

We are 35 weeks today and we can leave at 36 weeks. and the prems are ahead of  where they need to be.

I would love to go finally!! I feel like a snail with my house on my back( my car) to unpack everything will be the best!!! and Luv are going to stay at home for the first 2 weeks! Wowwwwww

1 comment:

  1. What a good news that your twins are doing so well !! I can only imagine how hard it must be to "camp" in the hospital parking !! I really hope you get to come home with your babes and settle in v. soon !! Hang on !!