Oct 3, 2011

Up date

 Whats-up in our Baby-world?? With our precious gifts in Neonatal (baby) ICU?

 First I thought, how will we ever get pass the days, but time fly( when you watch little miracles!!). We touch them and talk to them. I express milk ( not much milk, look like I am going through a drought , but they love the milk and then get more each day. Grow babies, GROW!!!! At the end, this few days of breast milk was worth it!!! But I really wish I can do this for the next few months. Then I need to sterilize everything and then its kangaroo-time ( best part ever!!!! With kangarooing you need to take off your clothes and then the baby lie on your chest. It help allot with growing and then they love to listen to my calm heart beat, ( I think the heart rate was a bit speedy at times.  – with suro-sus kids around.  So as you can see that’s the reason we only left the babies at ten o’clock at night and if we hit the pillows....we are gone!!!

If you go thought the door, where Wium and Nika are. You must scrub your hands with  sterilize soap and then rub it with alcohol stuff!! Washing of hands is taking up several hours. Because you do that every time you touch something. My hands are in sock!! And have never ever have been this clean!!

Now you wonder how is the twinnies ?? They are super cute and we just LOVE EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THEM!!!! Its the best gift ever!!! Sorry for everyone out there, no one will and can ever beat this present that Suro-sus give us!! Its un beatable, folks!! Sorry!!!

Wium was struggling with his lungs the first day , but after a few hours they give him something which I can not tell you what, because of the name. After that he did fine. They just need oxygen after labour and then he got a C-pap. If you have the C-pap on they just look like fighter-pilots!!  Wium’s C-pap where taken of first and it was the first time we saw his face. I start crying when I saw him!! Mommy’s very tiny boy. They weigh him and he have lost weight ( 1,7kg) They both have jaundice and are under the lights.

Nika was doing fine but from the second day she was struggling with the breathing its a big thing with prems.  Her C-pap was only taken off yesterday, what a sweet-little face!! Today it look like she can maybe have an infection, and with that she have stop once to breathe but recover on her own. I will go out grey here. The alarms are peeping and screaming, but I have seen the sisters in action. They are GOOD!!!!!! And I know they are in the best hands!!

We have got so many visits and calls from people and some people we don’t even know. I make me feel good because I know my story have touch hearts, and this journey can show people that Miracles do HAPPEN daily!!!

For every one out there, with longing hearts, I hope that you can one day be part of a miracle two!!

...and for the record!! Suro-sus feels as if  a train hit her, but today she feel fine!!!

for the first time out side seeing each other again!!!


  1. Dit is prachtig, schattig, twee kleine liefjes samen, veel geluk met de kleintjes :)
    liefs Annick

  2. So tiny but so beautiful! It sounds like having babies in the NICU is not for the feinthearted, but then nor is IF and soon it'll all be over and you'll have your special little babies home where they belong in their beautiful nursery!

    Here's to a short stay in the hospital! Grow babies grow!


  3. They are GORGEOUS man!!!!! Such little angels.... you so deserve them after all you've been through and you are very right in saying you're inspirational and help people like me to keep on trying!