Oct 16, 2011

35 weeks!

I have not much news right now, we  are sitting at the hospital most of the day. It was nice to see our babies after the 2 days we where at home. Gosh they are so cute!!! and getting bigger by the day. She weigh 2,48kg and he 2,38kg. They are starting to  drink their bottles. she is doing great and he is a bit of a lazy bee. They get tired.

They did a hearing test and  got a head scan, all is fine. Now they just need to get their feedings under control and then we are off to home.

Look like we can go home maybe this week!!! it will feel funny to go home at last after months.

For me it feels like I am so part of the hospital, I know from the security gard to the kitchen people to most of the staff. I have made so many friends, which I will dearly miss.

Lots of my friends have come to visit and this is nice breaks from the ICU. Tomorrow will be 35 weeks.  If I see my babies and look at them and just think what I have get from them this past weeks, I can not think that they still was suppose to be in-side. They perfect little babies! and some people I know drink wine while they 35 weeks pregnant. How the hec can you do that to your baby????? you must be brainless...

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