Oct 6, 2011

The Birth Story!!

Our birth story!!!!!

We got up the morning ans just drink coffee, chat and  relax!! Nerves??? NONE we were just too excited!! We did the last minute running around ( went to buy a LOT of tissues....for tears of the day) Suro-sus and her DH went to drop the kids with our mom and went to the hospital and me and Luv went off on our own.

On the way our phones just ring the whole time, everyone just want to send us some strong’s and luck. Actually the whole week it feel like a wedding, because phone’s where ringing all the time.

We  got to the hospital I went with my most precious milk ( no, we did not need a milk lorry, a smallll cool bag  did it!) and sort the suro-labour things out. I was very emotional the whole morning. They sent me of to Neonatal ICU. I ring the bell and this nice sister open the door and there she stand next to this 2  small beds getting all the probes and pipes ect right and she said. “HI, twin mommy I am busy to prepare you little ones beds. “ That was the moment, everything that is about to happen, felt real!! My twin’s beds!! They are waiting for them!!

While they prepare sus, me and Luv went to quickly grap something to eat and went back to Suro-sus room. She was on a high! ( throughout this whole journey she was not emotional, I know there is allot of people that want to know. We are very strong in our minds. That why I just did this IF route over and over and over again, and she wanted to do this for us,  She was very excited. We could not wait to see what going to pop out.

Next moment the door open and they can and fetch us all!! The whole very colour full dress clan! When they wheel Suro-sus bed down the ale, I start crying!!!! Luv and sus-DH went to the scrub room and I and the 2 wonderful ICU sister to the other one. All dress up, me and Luv was waiting outside the theatre while the doc put the epidural in.

It was here, all geared up with cameras and cam recorders where a total super-high-out-of-myself-vibe took over!! It overwhelmed me!! I was beyond of excitement. They call us, sus was now all wrap up with theatre material, and they show us where we can sit down. 3 little chairs  just like the 3 bears!! With goldilocks lying on the bed! Sit down was not for me!!  I think I would have won the Comrades with all the energy I have had then. Adrenalin was running tough my vines!! When they start to cut...the one sister call and tell me where we will have a better view from. I move to the foot-end of the bed, where I could see the cut, I call luv and when he was standing next to me, I could see his eyes!!Blood and fleche.

This I can tell you ,we have the most amazing pic’s and video material of this whole labour. As you all know under stress, that when I operate the best. I was looking, crying and jumping and took pic’s!!

Next moment I saw the head and then I start to JUMP UP AND DOWN!!!! Just like a Jack in a box!!! And scream!!( you can just think how the first sport event will go off) I was mad of excitement!! I scream!!!It my baby!!! Jipeee!!!! And then the doc was having the baby in his arms. I did not even listen when I was saying it’s a GIRL!!! So I ask Luv what is it?????? GIRL!! We both shut tears of joy!!! Then the doc was asking where the mother and the father are??a few times and all I could think of why don’t these people listen?? He is calling someone!! Then I heard Suro-sus voice calling for us....only then I realize it is US!!!!!!!!!! We are a mother and a father!! At last!! So Luv cut the cord, very special!!

Then what feel like hours and was only 3minutes the next head show and while they suck out the water . So baby was head out and show-us-your-parts-inside. All you can hear on the video is Suro-sus asking “what is it????? What is it???? And then  A  BOY!!!!!! And she said MIX!!!!!! MIX MIX MIX We where over JOY!!!! I cut the cord of Nika. The whole theatre experience makes this whole journey REAL!!!!

Then we just stare at the babies while the doc’s and sisters where checking everything!!They both scream when coming out then I knew!! This one’s are alive!!!!!!

Then what feel like hours!!! ( we wait outside ICU while they do all things  that need to be done!!!

Wium was struggling  allot with his lungs!!so they call me to start skin to skin!! With him immediately . I cried while his was gasping for air!! I was feeling so sorry for him!. Luv had Nika on his chest. This was our first family moment! So special!!

The first hour was critical, and nerve-wrecking and not for the faint hearted!! The alarms went off me and luv just want to cry for our babies!!

We went home late that night....so emotionally drained!! And tired. But we are finally  so blessed to be called........ MOM and DAD!!!

On the 28 of September at 14h00, I just know why for 10 years we just could not give up hope all these years...and all the ten-yearic-heartache-tears just disappear in a sec.

Thank you GOD !!! you BLESSED us!!!

Just before we left the house, last bump foto.

Off to the teatre!!!!

Doctor and Doctor

Me and my wonder-babies


  1. Liewe Cstelle,
    Trane van Geluk en Vreugde! My ontbreek die woorde. Ek eer jou in my blog in die 'Straße der Besten' Kyk daar.
    My vriendinne Heinka en Niekie het in my Blog ook hul felicitaties geskryf (Onder bydrae: "Fiere ouers van 'n wonderlike tweeling")
    Nog eens ons gelukswensen aan jou, Luv, Suro-Sus en vir die wonderlike Tweeling Wium en Nika.
    Baie liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,
    Nadja en Enissa


  2. What a beautiful end to an amazing story. Wishing you lots of new beginnings with these two.

  3. Cstelle, ek het nie genoeg woorde om geluk te se nie, ek sit en huil nou hier snot en trane, sommer al in die eerste paragraaf van jou birthstory begin, dis wonderlik, ai, baie baie geluk met julle pragtige babas!!!

  4. Какое счастье иметь детей,оно дано не каждому!!! Будьте счастливы!!!

  5. Дети-это счастье,наша радость,ради чего и вся наша жизнь!!!