Oct 7, 2011

They are doing great!!

We have just left the hospital, and the twins are doing GREAT!! They have start picking up weight. They are more or less 100g from their birth weight.

Every day we spend time with them are special. And they are sitting our hearts full!! Every single square are belonging to our wonder-babes!!!

The hospital stuff is very good to us. There are not words to describe how they are going out of their way to make this stay as nice as possible!! Last night they dine and wine us in one of the hospital rooms. Very special!!!! Our first night out as parents, with a high qualified sister to babysit.

Every morning Wium and Nika have allot of visitors ( hospital stuff) that come to see how they are doing!!!!!!

Our romatic hospital evening!!!

This is what you call  "ARMS FULL OF PRAYERS!!"


  1. They are gorgeous and so perfect!!! From one NICU mommy to another...we are so blessed with these miracles and I hope all 4 of our babies fly through the next weeks until they can come home! xxx Cam

  2. Wonderful to hear that your darling twins are doing well :)) xoxo

  3. You and your babes, like 3 flowers of cuteness in a bouquet !! LOvely pic !!

  4. They are beautiful! So glad to hear they are doing great, and hope you have them home soon.