Oct 25, 2011

1st night home!

SO what happen the first day home...

We did not know what to expect..how will it be with twins, and YES everyone is telling how drama and suffering is about to knock on your door. Me and Luv was so ready for that.

The  sisters at hospital were amazing, and was telling as to just keep to the routine. As you know ROUTINE is the one thing me and Luv don’t have in our life at all. We life the moment...

We get home at six o’clock and start to feed immediately. After that we unpack everything. To unpack my suitcase after months was the best ever!!! And to just be at home...

This is what happens the next few hours.

Feeding times is 6-9-12-3-6-9. Every 3 hours.

15 minutes before the hour, I walk and put the kettle on to warm the bottles and I make the bottles. In that 15 minutes Luv, wake the twins, change their diapers ( he is doing so good , don’t look like a new-dad, he look like an baby-expert)

I get the bottles, and the burp clothes, each of us take the twins and start to feed. This take about 15 ( Wium is a quickie) to 25 minutes( Nika is the snail) to finish their bottles and to get them burp. I am actually scared to brag about it, because babies can disappoint their parents the moment you brag with them. So as you can see half an hour after we start on the hour. WE ARE FINISHED!!!! We did not think this will happen. Then they go to sleep again and sleep till the next feeding. SO the first night we got SEVEN HOURS SLEEP.

And this is what happen the next 3 nights also. I think the twins are just as glad we all home now!!

Wium and Nika have ring-side-seats for the World cup final!! and dad is enjoying every single second of it.


  1. C it seems you have been blessed with babies that are just so thrilled to be with you that they are going to fit right in and keep things simple. I hope this continues to last. LOVE the photo of Luv with Wium and Nika, everyone looks contented and happy.

  2. Je blog is mooi... de baby's zijn natuurlijk zeer lief, proficiat
    liefs Annick

  3. Your new blog looks great and your twins AWESOME !!